Creation/Allah is the Creator

Alhamdulillah, Allah provides us with evidence for "creationism" in many ayaat.  I was also curious, though, what modern Muslim scholars had to say to refute the theory of evolution, so I was happy to find these resources posted on


The last resource was very detailed, as of this post, I'm still reading it and it really digs hard into the issue in response to a Muslim scholar who claims that evolution and Islamic creation co-exist.

At any rate, the take away, for me, is that Allah gives us proof of creation/creationism (through these readings I realized just how much proof there is in the Quraan) and that also, Allah has given us the information we need regarding the topic and He has provided proof.  I've found that delving too far into the issue is not necessary, nor productive.

originally posted 11/24/12

Learning Resources

TJ's Allah is the Creator (PowerPoint)         
French Version PPT (translated version donated to TJ)Lessons

Tawheed/Creation copywork

"And I did not create jinn and men except for my worship."  51:56


Both include primary lines.

Allah Made Everything Girl/Bird – Easel and Ink


Allah Created Me! Mini Workbook (Preschool)  - From A Muslim Child is Born

Allah is the Creator Pizza Book - from Iman's Homeschool; she also has links to other resources such as worksheets at the bottom of this post.

Some Related Ayaat

  • Purpose of Creation: 51:56
  • Variety in Creation: 35:27, 28
  • In Six Days: 7:54, 11:7, 32:4, 50:38, 57:4
  • Be! And it is... 2:117, 16:40, 36:82, 40:68
  • Not for play: 21:16, 17; 24:115