Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary -cut and paste activity.
Lithospheric Plates Map Activity - label the seven major plates on a map
Types of Plate Boundaries - chart to fill in
Lithospheric Plate Questions worksheet - could use the questions in a foldable perhaps

Plate Tectonics Boundaries Foldable

Earth's Layers Foldable
 Includes template and instructions.

Glencoe Plate Tectonics Activities
Worksheets graphic organizers, hands on activities
available at a second link:

Second Grade 1 week lesson plan for Plate Tectonics

Rubric for a plate tectonics boundaries foldable
Outlines what to include on a plate tectonics boundary foldable

Interactives - Dynamic Earth
Nice one page interactive resource to help understand the concept of plate tectonics.

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Layers of the Atmosphere Noteable

Student labels the layers of the atmosphere, then looks up clip art to paste into each layer's rectangle that shows what types of objects/phenomenon can be found in that layer (TJ made)

My noteable is based upon a chart found here which includes the clip art (but the clip art was different sizes.)  The only reason I did not use the chart at the above link was because it was extremely color intensive (for printing) and I wanted to bullet the main points for easier review.

The Five Senses

My first grader is learning about the five senses in science and I wanted to include a notebooking page for the topic in her science notebook. I found this cute cut and paste sorting activity online.
Below is a picture of my first grader's completed work using the printable.

(which is actually part of a printable game)

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Living vs. Non Living (Printables)

How can we tell if something is living or not?

This cut and paste activity can help students learn how to distinguish between something that is living or non-living.

I made up this little activity on the fly for my first grader and here's her finished product (she forgot to color it in before hand).   We've added it to our science notebook. Though I just started her notebook (it has this and the five senses sorting activity recently posted), it's been such a big help already for review and reference while she completed another homework assignment.

Living/Nonliving Cut and Paste Poster

I also have a living/non-living sorting activity that I made back in 2008 and posted on my WordPress blog:

Living/Nonliving Sorting Activity 

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"Super" Short Cut Division Method

We're doing division and my 10 year old hates writing. Long division problems require too much writing (in his view).

But, my son is also pretty good about computing in his head, alhamdulillah.

In anticipation of teaching division, I  had googled a few months ago to see if there was some sort of shortcut because I anticipated some frustration for us.

And I found a great video. No messy long lines of long division!

As the video presenter mentioned in the video, this method works best for students who can do math mentally in their head without getting too confused and who know their math facts well. We've got the first part covered pretty well (most of the time) and we'll use a multiplication table, in sha Allah since he hasn't memorized the multiplication and division facts.

I introduced this method today. After doing a few problems, I did one problem two ways--the first with traditional long division, and the second, with this method.  Then I asked my son which way he preferred and he chose the second, quicker way and we did 5 or so problems using this method (that's about all his attention span would allow for because we had already did some simple division problems right before). But, I'm happy to say, no frustration and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this new method. It cuts down drastically on the amount of writing necessary and at this point, that makes a big difference for us.


In shaa Allah, I hope for us to start studying about nutrients and their roles in part because I realized I don't know what many different nutrients do for our bodies. Here are a few of my findings.
Nutrient/Nutrition Lapbook from Guest

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Where Can I Find Ideas for Science Experiments?

Science - "We have over 900 ideas for experiments in all areas of science. From astronomy to zoology, we are sure to have an experiment that is just right for you."

National Geographic Science Experiments for Kids - Over 30 experiments.

Science Projects for Kids from Science with ME!
(Can view the name of the experiments with this link, need membership (FREE) to access the projects. Over 70 experiments.

Kid Science Experiments

Science Science Experiments

Chemistry Experiments for Kids

Experiment of the Week from Steve Spangler Science

I have some books in my online storage of collections of science fair projects/experiments. Please leave a comment with your email if you would like me to email you the link. I will not post your comment.

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Physics Teaching Resources

Physics: The science of matter and energy and their interactions; the physical properties, phenomena, and laws of something

Physics Games

Physics PowerPoints

Physics Videos

Physics Worksheets

Physics Textbooks (FREE)

  • PASS Physical Science – If you don’t want to get super deep into science, these PASS books are perfect! . (This is no longer available online, but I have a personal copy stored online. Please leave a comment and your email address if you would like me to email you the book, in sha Allah).
  • CK12 Physics Online Textbook - reading material, simulations, study guides

Stop by my Physics Pinterest board for more physics ideas:

Report Card Statements - Comments to Write on Report Cards

Report Card Comments
The home study program that we are in requests parents to supply the school with statements to put on the report cards since we are the ones who actually teach our kids and we know which areas they are strong in and which need improvement.

The time has rolled around for me to provide statements and although I think I did pretty well on coming up with some, I got stuck on a few and so I googled to see if I could find any to use as starters to apply to my kids. Here are some of the resources I found that may be helpful if you are accountable to others for grading or you just want to make your homeschool more official:

General (including subjects and behaviors/work habits)

Education World's 100 Report Card Statements (attitude, behavior, work habits, social skills, time management. These are all written in positive language so if you have to show where student needs to improve, you can just make the necessary changes)

Easy Report Cards - comments by grade and also by subject

Report Card Comments - for a variety of specific classes

Actual teacher's report card comments for Grade 4 - by subjects and strands

Sample Report Card comments

Report Card Comments - negative and positive

Elementary Report Card Comments

Over 125 Free Report Card Comments

101 Report Comments to Use  Now (Scholastic)

Report Card Comments

Comment Ideas for Report Cards and Progress Reports - TeachNet

Lakeshore Learning Report Card Comments

100 Useful Words & Phrases When Writing Report Card Comments For Elementary Students

K-8 Report Card Comments

Literacy/Language Arts

Literacy (Language) Report Card Statements

Report Card Comments for Language Arts


Comments for Math (

Physical Education

PE Report Card Statements

Grading and Report Cards for Standards-Based Physical Education towards the middle to the end it has some nice comments and standards that can be used

Science/Social Studies

SuperTeacher Worksheets Social Studies and Science Report Card Comments

Report Card Comments for Social Studies (K-6

Report Card Comments for Science (

Other Ways to Use Report Card Comments:

As I was browsing these resources I thought that many of the comments can be used to set student goals or as topics for mini workshops to teach various skills even if you don't utilize grading in your homeschool.

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SoCal Homeschool Support Groups - Muslim Homeschool Network

Muslim Homeschool Network
Open to mothers in Orange, LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. They host workshop and field trips and other activities as well as provide support to Muslim homeschoolers in SoCal.

Fees are currently $20 per year per family. The fee help "provide numerous services at a low cost to the Muslim homeschool community in the areas of social, educational, Islamic, leadership, and support and outreach, and help fund scholarships for less fortunate Muslim homeschooling families."

I have corresponded with a sister from this network and I'd love to be a part of it but I'm a little far from the venues where the events are held.

They also have an email list that you can subscribe to.

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The Whys & Hows of Science Notebooking

Science Notebooking

"Research has shown that science notebook writing may also be a way for students to strengthen their language skills as they develop an understanding of the world around them.
They (science notebooks) are a place where students formulate and record their questions, make predictions, record data, procedures, and results, compose reflections, and communicate findings. Most importantly, notebooks provide a place for students to record new concepts they have learned."
Most of these resources are for K12 classroom instruction, but insha Allah can be adapted for home use

Rationale for:

Organization/Content of Notebooks/Journals

Specifically for Homeschooling
Science Notebook Printables

Our Science Notebooking

More photos to come, in shaa Allah.....

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!






Egg Lapbook/Notebook Element Kit - Last week we studied eggs from the standpoint of cooking, but we did get in a little bit of science and other subjects (see Eggs Unit Study resources). I made up some lapbooking/notebooking elements to help us in our studies.  It also includes the pages of the textbook we used  to complete the study.  The kids seemed to really enjoy the study and WE learned a lot!

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The Water Cycle

Kidzone Water Cycle
Super simple explanation of the water cycle and 5 coloring worksheets which explain a water cycle principle and then one water cycle drawing.'s Water Activities and Lesson Plans

Bogglesworldesl Water Cycle Worksheets
Water cycle diagrams, word seach, crossword puzzle.......

Enchanted Learning's Label the Water Cycle Diagram

Water Cycle. Flow chart and drawing activity. Upper elementary, middle.

Water Cycle. "Flow chart and drawing activity. Upper elementary, middle." from Education Oasis.

Water Cycle B * W

Water cycle wheel from Illinois EPA
Can't wait to try this out, insha Allah looks cute.:
Water Cycle WheelWater Cycle Wheel

Google Search Results for B& W Water Cycle Diagrams

Pete's PowerPoint Station Water Cycle Links
Links to PowerPoints, of course, but also links to lesson plans and activities.

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Types of Clouds worksheets - set of 7 various worksheets on the topic, really nice! PDF

Types of Cloud Article and Worksheet from PDF

Enchanted Learing's Types of Clouds Page - html, article with illustrations. Under article is a labeling worksheet (simple and average versions available).

Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas - flashcards and printables (observation chart, quizzes, etc) and a Cloud in the bottle "lab". "Please consider moving beyond how to identify clouds. Try also teaching your students to connect each cloud type with a specific type of weather. This is learning for life, which truly engages your students!"
(I was totally thinking this as I was putting together this unit, I am trying to move beyond that teaching things just because that is what done in schools and for the sake of knowledge alone)

Cloud Types
several different types of activities here; photographs (not illustrations) of different cloud types so student can see what they look like in real life;

Cloud Types Illustrations
a few that I found while googling that I thought we might pick from for our notebooking work, in sha Allah.

Image Url

Image Url

Love this one! Image Url

Image Url

Image URL

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Mean, Mode, Median, and Range - Quizzes/Practice

Mean, Mode, Median, Range Practice
Our pre algebra book only had one lesson on this topic and I felt my daughter needed some more practice.  I don't think these concepts were difficult enough to stay on the same lesson but I did want to give her some reinforcement as she hadn't memorized which one was which.  So, I collected some resources to give her as little quizzes while we move on the book:

Also, check out my Mean, Mode, Median, and Range Pinterest Board
for other related learning activities and aids:

Follow TJ HOMESCHOOLING's board Math - Mean, Mode, Median, Range on Pinterest.