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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

Etiquette of Answering the Call of Nature (i.e. Bathroom Etiquette)

Etiquette of Relieving Oneself (TROID, Audio, 40 min) - goes over the following topics:
  • The authentic du ͑ā (supplication) for entering the toilet beginning with the Basmala
  • The Scholar's comments regarding entering the toilet with the left foot
  • Distancing yourself from the people and covering ones ͑awrah
  • Do not face the Qiblah or have your back to the Qiblah whilst going to the toilet
  • The permissibilty of using toilet paper when performing Instinjā
  • The permissibilty of urinating standing if one is safe from urine splashing on their clothing
  • The proof of washing the private parts with water
  • Al-Istijmār with stones, and the need to use no less than three stones
  • The issue of eating and drinking whilst on the toilet
  • The prohibition of giving the Salām whilst relieving oneself
  • The undesirability of speaking whilst relieving oneself
  • Washing one's hands after

The Manner of Answering the Call of Nature - scroll down to Chapter 7


Duaas for Entering/Leaving Toilet Area (PDF)

Etiquette for Using Bathroom and Duaas - Half Page
Etiquette for Using Bathroom and Duaas - Full Page

Lesson on Islamic Bathroom Etiquette this is a little dated, I am currently working on revising it, but I still think it's a helpful resource.


Imanshomeschool Wudu Lapbook - has some resources related to purifying oneself after answering the call of nature.