All About Duaa/Thikr

Duaa: a supplication made to Allah

Resources to learn/teach about making duaas to Allah.

Difference Between Duaa and Thikr

Difference Between Duaa and Thikr - Shaykul Islam ibn Taymeeyah

Duaas for Specific Occasions/Times

Duaa Learning Aids

Duaa Lessons - a set of 16 lessons and activities to teach kids about the merits and etiquette of making duaas.

Duaa Bulletin Board - visit Islamic Bulletin Boards' Duaa Section for printables to make a duaa bulletin board (joint collaboration of TJ Homeschooling and UmmAbdulBasir)

Duaa Bulletin Board

Duaa Badges
Track the duaas your kids memorize with duaa badges!
Your kids/students can paste a badge on the chart for each duaa they memorize.
Duaa Memory Badges

Duaa Review Sheet
Quickly review duaa concepts with this review sheet.


Audio Lessons: Set of 48 lessons