Morning Adhkaar Booklet

I've been trying to encourage my children to make thikr in the morning after the fajr salah. One of the bright spots of my mornings is making thikr after the morning salah.  Some years ago when we were living overseas, I made a book of duaas for myself when we were going through rough times and I would sit and read the duaas from it each morning until I had eventually memorized many of them, alhamdulillah.   I wanted to have something that my kids could use like that so I set out to make another book of duaa/thikr compilations for them.

After some input from my daughter, I finally finished it:

Morning Duaa Booklet

My kids keep Islamic Studies binders so I made it with the thought that they could put it in their binders and grab their binders each morning and sit down and read the duaas. I usually try to read all the duaas in the morning, but I know that would be taxing for them, so I am having them each skim through the duaas and pick maybe 3 or so to focus on each day and keep reading them until they memorize them, in shaa Allah.

Download (PDF)


Salaf us has a great section on thikr with resources on the excellence, manner, and bidah of thikr including more resources on Morning and Evening thikr:

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