Helping Your Daughters Keep Track of Their Menstrual Cycle

It's important that we teach our daughters to keep track of their menstrual cycle. Doing so helps them predict when their next menstrual cycle will probably come so that they can be prepared. They also need to understand that it is important, as women, that we get familiar with our cycle so that we can notice any changes which could indicate pregnancy or possible health concerns.

Several years ago, I made a tracker for my daughters in hopes of making it easier to track their cycles:
Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker
Because I have five daughters (two have not yet reached menstruation) I ended up making different color versions because they all have different favorite colors. So in addition to the pink, you can get them in purple, blue, or green.

Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker

I've put tips for marking a "start" and "end" date as well so they can start to see how long their periods last and look for irregularities.

If you have techy girls, they might like to keep track online or on a cell phone.

A Few Digital Menstruation Trackers

Here are just a few, but you can find many, many more online.

Online Period Tracker at - cute little site (free) where you set up an account and you can track your periods, set reminders (for approx days before your period or ovulation is expected). You can add notes. Based upon the dates you enter, it tells you the current day you are in of your menstrual cycle. 

Also check your phone/mobile app stores as I have seen some really cute ones there as well.

However they track their periods, the important thing is to get our daughters to track their periods once they start and help them to make it a habit on their own.

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