Teach Your Kids About the Manner of Dress in Islam!

Our appearance, including our dress, is an important part of our Muslim identity where we are male or female. So, we must teach our children about this important topic.

You can get some help in teaching from my Islamic Manner of Dress Lapbook/Learning Kit!

Unit Outline:
Lesson 1: Why Do We Wear Clothes?
Lesson 2: Keep It Simple
Lesson 3: Cover Up (Awrah)
Lesson 4: Keep it Loose
Lesson 5: Too Much of a Good Thing
Lesson 6: Clothes Resembling the Kuffar
Lesson 7: Hey fella....I mean ma'am?
Lesson 8: No pants?
Lesson 9: Do your garments hang low?
Lesson 10: What's that on your clothes?
Lesson 11: On Your Feet
Lesson 12: Hey Sister! (The Hijab)
Lesson 13: Alhamdulillah for Clothes

Includes duaas for wearing new clothes and clothes in general

The activities are geared towards younger children, but the lesson content/information can be used to teach older kids as well, up to high school, in shaa Allah.

You purchase get a copy of this learning/lapbook kit from my TpT store:

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