Learning the Prayer Positions

These are just some notes I wrote up for activities to teach the names of the prayer positions, which I am working on now with one of my kids.

1. Demonstrate and name each move as you make it (qiyaam, rukoo, sujood, jalsa).
2. Do each move repeatedly and randomly several times, naming each one as you make it.
3. Repeat step 2, but elicit a response from your student instead of you naming the position. (Of course provide the correct name if student incorrectly names a position).
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times throughout the day (at each prayer time is a great time). Do daily until mastered, then every other day, then weekly, then monthly.  In addition, play games and activities such as the ones listed below.

More Activities


  • Cards with pictures of each position
  • Cards with the name of each position (English, Arabic, or both)

1. Show  picture card and have student say the name of the position
2. Show a name card and have student perform the correct position
3. Show student a name card and have him/her show you the correct position card (or have student match up these cards by himself.
4. Show student a picture card and have him/her show you the correct name card.
5. Put the position and/or name cards in order that you perform them in

Make notebooking pages to keep in a binder/notebook for review (or make this part of a salaah lapbook)
  • Notebooking page: a page which shows the position name and picture of the position together
  • Notebooking page: a page that shows the positions in correct sequence

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