Learn the Names and Order of the Five Daily Prayers

Are you teaching the names and order of the five daily prayers? If so, this collection of resources might just come in handy.

(Note: As the day in Islam begins at maghrib, the numbering of the prayers in these resources starts with maghrib as the first prayer of the day instead of fajr)

5 Daily Prayers Foldable

Cut out the flap booklet and time of day pictures and glue in the pictures to match the prayer name.

5 Daily Prayers  Flashcards

These can be used as flashcards, for sequencing, or for a matching activity

5 Daily Prayers File Folder/Sorting Activity

4 sorting activities in one! Kids can sequence the names of the five prayers, match the time of day picture to the correct prayer, match the number of rakaat to the prayer, and finally, show which prayers are jahri (recited aloud) or sirri (recited quietly).

5 Daily Prayer Learning Pack

This pack, in shaa Allah, can help kids learn the names of the five daily prayers as well as their sequence through a set of 7 learning activities.

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