Islam is My Life - Start Up/Maintenance Hijrah Calendar Based Curriculum

Need some help getting started with Islamic Studies? Or just need something to get back up and running? My "Islam is My Life" might just help.

A few years ago, I wanted to put something together to help me to remember to review key Islamic concepts and skills.  I wanted it to be correlated with the Islamic calendar to help us get review of that in as well.

It took me over a year to complete it, and I anticipate still revising it from time to time, in shaa Allah. I first posted it on TJ Islamic Studies a few years ago, but it kind of got lost in the shuffle. It started out as a review curriculum but it morphed in to a little more as it includes reference materials (for examples lists of the Names of Allah, Prophets, wives of the Prophet, signs of the last day, scholars, and companions, etc) and some review suggestions/topics.

Someone recently requested it so I wanted to make it easy to access on the site because I was excited to share it again. It might not exactly fit your needs as is, and if not, I hope it serves as inspiration to create your own personal Islamic Studies plan.

Hijrah Based Islamic Studies Start Up/Maintenance Curriculum - By the Month
Each Islamic month has study/review topics for almost every day of the month

Examples of reference material included as well as review suggestions:

Download "Islam is My Life"

If you see topics that I've left off (such as jinns), please contact me so that I can add them in future revisions, in shaa Allah.

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