Morning Routine Chart

So, I'm trying to get the two youngest homeschool age kids on track as far as routines and homeschooling.  I recently took them out of our local homeschooling program because I felt the pace was too fast to really get the basics down. But, most days, for them, it's a free-for-all kind of day where a great deal of it is spent on the computers playing games sprinkled with some math and reading.  

I remember several years ago, when we were in UAE, and most of the kids were younger, I made up morning, evening, and afternoon charts and they really transformed our days, so I am hoping to replicate that now with my almost 10 year old and my six year old.

Below is my  latest endeavor at an Islamic based morning routine chart which you can download below the pictures, in shaa Allah.

It comes in SIX different colors, because if you have a lot of kids like me, you probably already know that color coordinating things is often a key to your sanity and enables you to quickly identify who's done (and hasn't done) what.  It's probably not so difficult with just the two now, but I'm so used to color coding things, it's just second nature and who knows what color the little 2 year old boss would like when she gets the age of using one of these, in shaa Allah.

My Morning Routine (Islamic)

 photo yellow-ruler_zpstf30f6qm.png

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