Short Vowel Word Boards

Reading practice with short vowel words

Ok, so technically not boards, but, yet not just a word list.......

I made these up for my first grader so that she can easily practice reading short vowel words, in shaa Allah.  There are around 4 "boards" for each of the five short vowels (a, e, i, o, and u).

Instead of focusing on word endings (as in done with word families), In CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant words) I have always liked to focus on the beginning of the word (the initial consonant and first vowel). I found that when we used word families and focused on the endings, words sounded more like cuh-at, buh-at. 

In these word boards, as you can see below, the first two letters are underlined because I want my daughter to focus on blending those two and adding the end sound.  Before using the boards, we did drills on having her blend just the two beginning letters, so we read ba, ba, ba, ba, ca, ca, ca, etc. (in shaa Allah, I'll post our "gameboards" that we used for that). When she was able to look at those beginnings and read fluently, then we went onto adding the ending letter/sound to read words.

Finally, in the word boards, you'll see baseball and doughnut pictures. My daughter (as many kids) has trouble distinguishing between the b's and d's so I put the pictures above b's and d's so that she could figure out the word on her own, in shaa Allah. (There are also zippers for words like "has" and "his.") 

Short Vowel Reading Practice