Prophet's Prayer Described Lessons (2006)

Lessons to Accompany "The Prophet's Prayer Described"
After learning about Khushoo and the importance of understanding what you recite in your prayers, we are gearing up, in shaa Allah, to go back through our prayer, from beginning to end, and make sure that we understand what we are saying as well as to check that we are physically performing the prayer correctly as well, in shaa Allah. Our plan is to go back through the book titled "Prophet's Prayer Described" which lays out the prayer from the beginning to the end as the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) prayed.

Back in 2006, I made a set of lessons to accompany this book. Over the years, I've been taking a stab at updating them here and there, but never got anything completed, so I am hoping with this go around, I may complete a new set of lessons, in shaa Allah. But, as I was looking at the lessons, I still think they are really great and that they could just use a little modernization (like adding worksheets/notesheets and focusing more on memorization activities), Allahu ilm.

At any rate, as I am still in the process of moving all things TJ to TJ Homeschooling, I thought I would share the old lessons  here, now while they are on my radar.

Download Complete Set of PPD Lessons (set of 23 lessons) 

These are in .zip format which means you will need something like WinZip, JZip, or WinRar to decompress the files.  

If you are not familiar with these, you can download each lesson separately below, in shaa Allah.

Lessons to Accompany "The Prophet's Prayer Described"

Lesson 20: Sending Salaat Upon the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)

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