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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

Khushoo Lesson Plan

Khushoo Lesson Plan
Khushoo Lesson Plan
We started our "unit" on khushoo yesterday and I just kind of dove in and took a stab at it so that we could start it (I have been wanting to do it for forever, so I knew we just had to start it).  And although the session went pretty well for an impromptu session, (I just read a few works and we discussed them) I wanted to be prepared for the rest of our study, so I put together a simple outline for us to follow, in shaa Allah.  

My plan is to create some supplemental materials to go along with the lesson plan, in shaa Allah and if so, I'll post them here, in shaa Allah.

I wanted to get this posted as I know there are a few others who expressed an interest in studying this topic and I thought it could be helpful.  

If you use the lesson plan and have any comments or suggestions to help make it better, please let me know so that I can possibly incorporate them. 

I would say that the learning level is probably around middle school and up as the lesson is built around reading actual works in their published form.