Adding 9 to a Number Math Fact Trick

I've got several kids working on memorizing math facts and decided to show them a trick or shortcut that I came across in a math facts book many years ago. Some people cringe at the thought of teaching tricks or shortcuts (and I have seen some doozies so I get it, to an extent), but as long as my kids understand the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, I see no problem with introducing some tricks here and there as long as they are not so complicated that you spend more time learning the trick then the fact.

Anyway, I came up with a little graphic to show the trick because through all my Googling, I couldn't find the trick online anywhere. It only works for the facts from 9+1 to 9+9.  

Addition Trick for +9 facts

+9 addition facts practice

Make customized worksheets  or play games for your student to practice the +9 math facts:

The Math Worksheet Site

This generator is nice because you can specify which exact facts you want your student to work on (great as the trick only works for 9+1 to 9+9)

Addition Facts Math Worksheet Generator
Same capability here to choose 9 as one of the addends. In this generator, you can also choose the number of problems:

Addition Facts Math Worksheet Generator

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator

This site has been around since my very early homeschooling days.  You can customize the problems just as in the first two sites.

Addition Facts Worksheet Generator

Play Games has ADDITION games where students can practice a specific +fact such as the +9s. My kids love this site.

And of course you can play games like tic tac toe, or Bingo to practice.

+9s Math Facts Bingo

+9s Math Facts Tic Tac Toe

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