Khushoo’ is considered to be the soul of the salaah and its essence. (Source

Khushoo is a position of total and extreme submissiveness and humility in front of the Deity in Truth and the quiescence/tranquillity of the heart and the limbs. One does not move except where commanded and is not at ease except where commanded. It is an obligation in action due to the necessity of obedience and the abandonment of disobedience to the Deity in Truth. Whoever discharges this obligation during the prayer then contradicts it (behaves otherwise) upon departing from the prayer he has caused diminution/annulment of (his Khushoo') to the extent of his disobedience. 

I've gotta a few requests lately for resources on khushoo, but have never prepared any to date on this topic. But, it has been a topic that I have been wanting to cover with my kids so I went off to find some resources to try to put something together. We may end up simply reading through the articles, but if I end up preparing anything, in shaa Allah I will share it here at TJ. These look like great resources (below) to pull together something beneficial and I can't wait to share them with my children, in shaa Allah.

Do you have resources (links, lessons, etc) that you think would be beneficial?
If so, I'd love for you to share them in the comments as this is an area that many are interested in.