Opal Apples are Gems!

My kids love apples.  I have a large family so apples don't stay around for long. Some kids like Granny Smith, some love Golden Delicious, and some love Gala apples. I'm pretty sure that no matter what type of apple I bring home, somebody will like it.  We-love-apples.

So, I was pretty excited to be invited to the Opal Apples BzzAgent campaign where I received free Opal apples in exchange for feedback.  

Never heard of Opal apples? Neither had I before this campaign.  I found out that Opal apples are a cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz apples and were discovered in 1999. They've only been sold in the US since 2010 so they are relatively new.  They are grown in limited acreage and are only available from November to March each season.

It was early December when I got my coupons in the mail (I received a fat juicy $5 coupon and some $1s...)

and we were ready to go get our apples. 

But first we had to find them.

Opal apples are marketed and distributed exclusively in North America by FirstFruits Marketing of Washington and are not available everywhere. Before going off to find them, you'll want to check their website to see where they are sold as they are only sold in select stores. 

After consulting the website to find out which local stores had them, we were off!  On the website, they suggest calling before to see if a store which is listed as a seller has them. I totally agree as the first chain store we tried that was listed as a seller did not have them. The produce worker in the produce section at the time said she had never heard of them. 

But, we had success at the second store. They were there--but, in a limited supply compared to the other varieties of apples.  They ran for about $1.29/lb which is definitely in my price range. 

And these were what we got. 

It was actually a fun day out for me and the girls as we had other deals to get that day ( a free bottle of CVS body wash) and a free tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter from a Smiley360 mission.  

So we cut them up and it was time for tastin'!

Our Opal Apples with snazzy plastic cutting board that came with our BzzKit along with coupons
The verdict? Delicious with a capital D.

Thumbs up from the kids.  

The taste reminded me of a Golden Delicious apple but sweeter. The Opal apple had less of a twangy taste and for me that was a good thing.  

I haven't gotten a chance to try the Opal apples in recipes, they went too fast.

Beside Being Delicious, What Else Are Opal Apples Known For?

How many times have I cut up an apple into pieces for my toddler and, through her dawdling, the pieces turned brown?  It is said that Opal apples are resistant to oxidizing and naturally don't brown. So of course we had to test this claim out. 

Being a homeschool mom, we had to make an experiment out of it, so I had also purchased a golden delicious apple to compare it to.

So we cut them up. Opal apple on the left, Golden Delicious on the right.....

After 1 hour there was some browning on both apples, but less on the Opal....

 After 3 hours, they basically look the same as they  had 1 hour on...

So while there was slightly less browning for the Opal, it still browned. But not a deal breaker as I expect an apple to brown anyway.

So overall, I was pleased with the Opal apple. It had a great taste and the apples were a nice size. Will I purchase Opals in the future? (Of course I still have coupons left, haha). But seriously, price is the main factor and they are reasonably priced, so that's a great thing. The second factor though, is availability. The stores that offer the Opal apple are not stores that I generally shop at, and I most likely wouldn't go out of my way to go there just for the apples (unless they had really held up fantastically better in not browning, but probably not even then.)

We give Opal apples a thumbs up for taste!

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