Create "Fabulous" Daily Routines

So.... I'm an Android app junky. It's so hard not to be these days with the millions of apps you can find in Google Play. There's an app for darn near anything you can possibly want or need.

Well, a daily productivity app is a very valuable commodity for me. And I've  tried many of them. Last year I stumbled upon a strangely named app called "The Fabulous." Well the name really fits because it is really fabulous and I wanted to share it here with you.

It's really built around the idea of setting a morning, afternoon, and evening routine. Then, you check off items in those routines when  you've completed them. Ok, sounds standard, right? But "The Fabulous" is so much more than a routine routine app (pun intended).  It actually coaches you and motivates you along while you are performing your routine. And it tracks your progress of keeping up with your routine.

So, I'll show you some features so you can get an idea of how it works.

Set Up Your Routines

First things first,  you pick a routine to set up (morning, afternoon, or evening). The Fabulous comes with preset activities to choose from to populate your routines. Below are just a few:

or, as you can see from my current morning routine below, you can add your own activities:

Within a routine you can change the order of tasks later if you need to.

If you choose a preset activity to add to your routine, it comes with a neat little tip:

Carrying Out  Your Routine

So, once you've got your routine established and have established a time to start the routine, The Fabulous alerts you at that time to begin the routine (you can have a sound alarm or you can have a quiet full screen visual alarm. I chose the latter for my morning routine because, well,  I've got a toddler in the room with me and it's crucial not to wake her up when I'm trying to get that morning routine on!)

So when a routine's alarm/notification goes off you "launch the routine" and proceed to go through your tasks that make up your routine.

Now, when you initially set up your routine, you set an interval of time to complete each task. The Fabulous then counts down the time for that task. I always pad the time generously so my time doesn't run out, but the neat thing is you can pause the task, snooze it, or even skip it and come back to it later, insha Allah. That way,  if the baby starts crying, or you get a phone call, you can get back on track after your crisis/interruption is over! If you snoozed or skipped an item (or items), The Fabulous will shoot you a quick reminder in the notification area of your mobile device. You will get a reminder for each item that you did not complete. So, you can see, The Fabulous is very good at helping you keep with your routine.

How Am I Doing With My Routine?

Well, the app keeps track of the tasks and routines you complete and gives you progress reports and gives you encouraging notes along the way, helping you turn your routines into habits.

I've only got my morning routine developed but it's moving along nicely, so I plan on creating afternoon and evening routines pretty soon insha Allah.

I actually look forward each morning to starting my day with The Fabulous, it's kind of fun and I get such a feeling of accomplishment.  If I don't complete something, the program does a great job of motivating me to keep trying. Plus if you just forget to check something off for the day, you can go back and check it off without ruining your fabulous streaks. 

The Fabulous also has a FB community where you can get and share tips and suggestions with fellow users as well as the developers. It really is a neat program and, best of all, it's free! (If you feel like you want a live coach, they do have a premium service).

If you are trying to get your days together (yours or your kids'), I highly recommend checking out The Fabulous!

(unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available for the iPhone)

(I was not compensated in any way for writing about "The Fabulous," I just really think it's fabulous! )