Sample Products for Free with Smiley360

Smiley360 is a word of mouth program where you can try products for free in exchange for feedback, reviews, and sharing to social networks and person to person. I've been a member of Smiley360 for several months now (as of this writing) and wanted to share my experience as well as tips.

Signing Up

One of the things I like about Smiley is that you can sign up via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Options are great.  I recently locked myself out of another sampling program when I inadvertedly closed my Facebook account and Facebook was the only way to log in! So yeah, multiple ways to log in is great.

When you've created an account, go to your dashboard and fill in all your profile information right away so you can be considered for Smiley missions.

Points System

Smiley has a point system. You get points for completing surveys (that help match you to relevant missions) and you get points for things that you do on your mission. Each mission is assigned a number of points and you complete sharing activities to get points. Usually to complete a mission, you only have to get a certain amount of points, not the total. For example:
The mission score total is 50 points, but as it says on my mission page, only 40 points are needed for you to be considered as having completed the mission.

This graphic also shows the different ways that you share on a mission to get your points. Sometimes the missions contain a required retail review (not shown here)

If you don't complete missions that you've accepted, it hurts your chances of receiving future missions.  

Qualifying for Missions

When a new mission is available that you may qualify for, you should get an email inviting you to the mission.  You should respond as quickly as possible because missions can fill up quickly (you can also just keep checking regularly on the site) If a mission is available, you will have to complete a qualifying survey to see if the mission would be a good match for you. If it is, you have the choice to accept or decline the mission.  If you accept, you're in and you will be taken to your mission page which gives you information about the product and has the Smiley sharing tools and your score tracker (like the one in the picture just above).  

All missions have a deadline, but they tend to give you a generous amount of time to review. Once you accept a mission, you should receive your Smiley kit (with your product or coupons or a gift card to buy the product in a store near you) in about 2-4 weeks.  The neat thing is that you get full sized samples of the products.

Completing Your Missions

Once you get your Smiley kit, you should definitely take pictures of what you got in your kit as you may want to use these when sharing.  Before/After pictures and/or video will make your submissions even better.  Also, try to get pictures with the product container in as well. Try to come up with creative layouts and/or props to use in the pictures.. You may also want to do some photo editing to make collages or add text.  

You complete your missions by sharing a link to the product, posting to Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes you will be required to write a review on a retailer's site.  

What Kinds of Things Can You Sample?

Below are some pictures of Smiley missions that I have either completed or am in the process of completing. I belong to about 3 or so sampling sites right  now and at the present, I've gotten the most campaigns with Smiley. The key is to complete missions and be patient. I remember there were weeks when I didn't hear anything from Smiley or when I would check the website and nothing, no surveys. And then recently, boom, lots of missions came my way.  

Here is my Pinterest Board for my Smiley360 missions.  As I get new missions, in shaa Allah, I'll post them on the board so you can check here to see other products I may have gotten after this post was written.  If you like to get free products (does any one not?) then you should definitely check out Smiley360. I've had fun including the kids in on the missions (taking pictures for me or helping try out the products). It's also neat knowing that your opinion is hear by big companies.

So, if you are interested, hop over to Smiley360 and join today!

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