What to Do When You Miss Salah


We had an impromptu lesson on missing and making up salah last week.

It was an eye opener for us.

We were previously under the impression that when a salah was missed for any reason, that salah was to be made up.

We were wrong.

As for the Salah you intentionally abandoned while believing in its obligation, according to the more correct of the two scholarly opinions such an act constitutes major Kufr (disbelief that takes the Muslim out of Islam). Source: AlIfta.Net
..the person who gives up salah intentionally should not make up for what they missed of salah and they have to repent to Allah. (Alifta.net)

SubhanAllah. I've been Muslim for almost 18 years, alhamdulillah, and don't recall that I have ever learned this.  I'm so thankful for having children to teach about their deen because it provides an opportunity for me to learn, as well as to review what I may have forgotten.  

I shared this information we had learned with my husband later that day and he was just as shocked as the kids and I were.  We knew missing salah was not a good thing, was a sin, but this really put things in perspective for us and we have been more mindful of the salah. And I ask Allah to keep us in this mindset.

Below I've put together some links and learning ideas to teach/review about this topic.

What is the rule on abandoning salah in general and congregational prayer in particular?

Missing Salah Due to Oversleeping, forgetfulness

  1. Missing a Salah because of sleep or forgetfulness until its due time is over
  2. Oversleeping and Offering Salah beyond its missed time

Manner of Making Up Salah

What to Do If Salah Was Intentionally Abandoned

  1. Making Up for Missed Salah*
  2. Also, see fatwa number 3 above for what to do when prayer was missed intentionally: (Repent, Seek Allah's Forgiveness, Regret Abandoning it)

Fear of Missing Salah (Running Out of Time)

Learning Checkpoints

  • What should you do if you oversleep for a prayer? 
  • How do you make up salah when you have more than one to make up?
  • What should you do if you miss salah without a valid reason?
  • If you realize you missed a salah, but are in fear of missing the current salah due to time, which one should you pray first?

Supplemental Learning Activities

  • Memorize daleel (evidence) pertaining to the learning checkpoint responses.
  • Reflect upon your current prayer mindset. Are you missing prayers on a regular basis? Come up with a family plan to try to get all members to pray on time. Some  ideas:
    • set alarm clocks or calendar reminders for mobile device users
    • have one person alert others when the pray comes in (or call athan);
    • pray together as a family if you don't already, 
    • remind each other of the consequence for missing a prayer intentionally;
    • make duaa to Allah help you establish the prayer if you struggle