Get Cash Back From Your Groceries with Jingit

Jingit Rewards Program - Earn e gift cards

Want to earn some extra cash for grocery shopping?  Jingit is an online program/mobile app that you can use to earn cash back from shopping. I currently use it and wanted to share my experience as well as tips for using it.

How Do You Earn Money With Jingit?

One way to earn money with Jingit, is to watch videos online and take surveys and give feedback.  I am not familiar yet with these avenues of earning, but I am familiar with the cash back offers. You can earn egift cards with your cash back by submitting store receipts, and now, they have recently started to allow users to link Jingit to their bank account so that earnings can be deposited directly into their bank account.  

Gift Cards

If you want to earn money back in the form of gift cards, they are currently very limited. You can currently get a gift card for Walmart, AMC, Sephora, and Cabela. (UPDATE: They have added Target now!) I recently cashed in my earnings for a $5 Walmart gift card.(They have over denominations as well, but I was anxious to try it out and see if it really worked so I cashed out at 5).

How It Works/Tips

Here are some tips you might find  helpful if you use Jingit for shopping rewards.

1. You must sign up for a Jingit account.  You can do this by signing up using your email address.

2. To get the cash back offers, you must use the mobile app; you can't submit receipts or reserve offers via the website.
3. Jingit is a little different than some of the other rewards programs that work by scanning receipts. With Jingit, you have to "reserve" offers BEFORE you purchase them. Most other similar programs that I use, you can select the offers after your purchase. So be sure to reserve that before you check out.  Also, with Jingit, you only have 24 hours after you reserve the offer to scan your receipt and submit it.  So keep these things in mind.

In a nutshell:

1. Reserve an offer or offers (e.g. $.25 on milk, $.50 on cereal, etc),

2. Buy the items,

3. Scan your receipt

4. Submit.

Make sure to save your receipt until you get confirmation that it has been approved. Sometimes there may be an issue with your scan so they may email you and let you know that it didn't work and that you need to resubmit.

You won't get rich with Jingit, but it is nice to get some money back.  The drawbacks of Jingit for me are that you have to reserve offers before your purchases, which I often forget, and that you only have 24 hours from the time you reserve offers to submit your receipt. The pros for me is that it is pretty easy to use and I racked up money to redeem a little faster than some of the other programs because you don't often have to buy a specific brand of a product and they usually have products that I normally buy (bread, milk, cereal, produce). I recommend giving Jingit a try. 

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