Earn Extra Cash with Bing Rewards!

Get Paid to Search with Bing Rewards
Ok, I have to admit it, We're a Google family. Everything in our family is Google. We have Gmail, We have Google Drive. We have Android phones.

And the same pretty much goes for surfing the web. When we talk about searching for information on the internet we tell each other to go Google it. And that's pretty much our go-to search engine.

But, as of this summer, we have ventured a little bit into Bing.  They have this Bing Rewards program where you get rewards points just by using Bing search  Those reward points can be turned into e gift cards such as Starbucks, Burger King, Amazon, Applebee's and more.  And, if you are familiar with Swagbucks, you can turn those points into 500 swagbucks points.

Is it worth it?  

Well, you won't get rich from  Bing Rewards, that's for sure.  The earning potential is limited by the cap of daily searches you can earn points for.

You see, there are two levels, silver and gold.  Each level has its own daily limit of points.  You start off at a basic level and you can advance to silver level by getting 200 Bing credits.  I can't remember the exact daily cap for the silver level, but it is somewhere around 25-30.  You can reach the gold level, where I am now,  after you get 750 Bing credits. At the gold level, the limit is around 40 bing credits a day (update, this varies and they have recently LOWERED it at will--frown), but an added bonus is that you get a 10% discount when redeeming rewards. So, for example, at lower levels it takes 525 Bing credits to get 500 swagbucks, but at the gold level, it only takes 475 bing credits.

So, how much can you make in a month? Well, at the gold level (and depending upon what card you want, they are different prices), you can make at least $5 in gift cards about every 11 days if you search everyday.  

I joined Bing Rewards in June, and to date, I have purchased the equivalent of 12 $5 cards. Now, some of those points did come from referrals, I got about $20 dollars from referral points, but the rest was just from doing daily searches. And before you possibly get excited over referrals, when I started and referred friends and family, I got 200 credits per person.  But, a few weeks ago, they bumped referral credits down to a paltry 5 points.

I've earned about $40 dollars from the search credits alone, so that is still good for me.   I've been able to buy hubby lots of Starbucks cards that he uses for his morning commute so that's a good feeling. He has a physical reloadable Starbucks card and I can just reload it with the Starbucks e gift cards I get.

How Can  You Get In On This?

1. Sign Up

First, you need to go to Bing Rewards and sign up. You will need to sign in with a Microsoft Account. If you don't have a Microsoft Account, you can sign up for one with any email address (I used my Gmail address).

I would love it if you would sign up with my referral link here: Bing Rewards (TJ Homeschooling Referral)

2. Search from your PC.

You are allotted a certain amount of daily points for PC searches and a separate amount of points for mobile searches. For the PC, you get 1 credit for every 2 or 3 searches you do.  Make sure you are signed in (or stay signed in) in order to get your points.  

3. Search from a mobile device

To search from your mobile device, you will need to download the Bing Rewards mobile app (you won't get credit from  searching at Bing.com on your mobile device)

You currently get 1 Bing credit for every 2 mobile searches.

4. Level Up

When you reach 200 Bing credits, you reach the silver level. You get 50 bonus credits when you reach this level. Just be sure that you have taken the tour and selected a goal (card). You won't level  up unless these conditions have been met. And don't worry, you can change your goal at any time.

When. You have reached 750 Bing credits, you can reach the gold level if you have/after you redeem your first card.    To maintain gold status, you must do 150 searches per month, which is not difficult.

5. Redeem

It's super easy to redeem your points once you reach the purchase amount. What I like about Bing Rewards is that you get your card that very same day (they say to allow 24 hours, but I've always gotten it within minutes or at the very latest a couple of  hours).


A helpful bonus, is that every so often (not sure how regularly), there are double points weekends, where you can earn double the points on your PC searches (not mobile). They just had one last weekend and are doing it again this weekend. Normally the double points weekends are further apart.  And, the weekend seems to last through Monday evening.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking to earn a little extra cash (in the form of e gift cards), I think Bings Rewards is definitely worth trying out. It takes me roughly 5 minutes, maybe less, to do my daily searches on the PC and then about the same or less to do it on my phone.  However, please be aware that they do change point values which can be a little frustrating---but hey, it's still free stuff if you have the time, right?