Daily Quraan Reading

Advice to read quraan daily

Shaikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Dawud said,

"I was going with his eminence, may Allaah have mercy on him, from the Imaam Turki ibn Abdullaah mosque to his house when he asked me about reading the Quraan.  I told him I read it from time to time but that I did not have a set portion that I read daily.  So he said that I should take up an amount to read from the Quraan daily even if it was only a little, explaining that the person who has a set portion which he reads daily from the Quraan will finish it, but he who does not may finish reading it quickly one time but then months may pass and he will not have finished it, and he mentioned the example of a person who reads a juz a day finishing it in a month and he who reads two finishing it in fifteen days."
Mawaaqif Mudee’ah, p. 25. via http://salaf-us-saalih.com/

Sample daily quraan reading schedules/routines

Here is a schedule form that lists all the 1/4 hizb divisions. There are 240 1/4 hizbs, so reading this way you would finish the Quraan in 240 days. I found in the past,  the 1/4 hizb divisions are more digestible for us on a daily basis. You might try to read the Arabic and corresponding English translation each day, in sha Allah. On this form, you can fill in the dates as you wish.

Daily Quraan Reading Schedule

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