Prayer Reminders List

Often when we're praying someone does something incorrectly or seems to omit something and I wish I had reminded them BEFORE the prayer so that they wouldn't forget or would be more mindful, in shaa Allah. So, I sat down to make a list of items to review right before we make prayer so that they can be fresh in our minds and in shaa Allah, allow us to pray more acceptable prayers. I posted it in our prayer area so that it can be read before praying, in shaa Allah.

To keep from being monotonous, perhaps at each review, a different child can read the list aloud to others who will be praying.

Prayer Reminders List (PDF) (click here or click picture to the right to download)

These are the items it includes:

Before Prayer:

·         Make sure we have wudhu
·         Make sure our prayer clothes are clean
·         Make sure prayer room/area is clean
·         Girls: Make sure we have socks on or our feet are covered by our prayer garment
·         Come to prayer in a calm manner (not playing)
·         Review what breaks prayer
·         Boys: Call the iqaamah

During Prayer:

·         Make sure to say the opening duaa
·         Recite slowly, (may stop after every ayah)
·         Vary the surahs recited after fatihah
·         Look down at the place of prostration, don’t let eyes wander
·         Make sure hands are placed correctly in all positions
·         Do not make excessive/unnecessary movements (bite nails, rock back and forth)
·         Do not talk/laugh
·         If you are leading prayer, say takbeer loud enough so followers can hear
·         Do not recite thikr of positions until you are at rest  in a given position
·         Do not go into sujood before leader is in sujood position
·         Seek refuge with four things before salaaming out
·         Don’t let anything come between you and your sutrah
·         Join feet together
·         Prostrate on seven bones: the forehead and the nose, the two hands [palms], the two knees, and the two feet

After Prayer:

·         Make thikr
·         Put up prayer garments (girls)
·         Discuss things that were done incorrectly or omitted

There are also blank lines so you can add your own review items.