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The adhaan (athaan) is the Muslim call to prayer. The person that calls the prayer is called a muadhdhin.  The athaan can be called at the masjid and even at home. After the athaan, the iqaamah is called. Below are some resources to teach about the adhaan.

Starting off with these great resources from LolliesPlace:

Excellence of the Adhaan
History of the Adhaan
Manners on Listening to the Adhaan (LolliesPlace)

Enrichment Activities

(from September 2011)
This is a follow up to the Adhaan resources I posted on my Wordpress blog.  A member in one of my homeschooling groups was asking the group for some more ideas for teaching about the adhaan. Here are some I came up with:
  • You Tube has some nice videos of the adhaan.  The ones I saw just had pretty pictures displayed while the adhaan “played.”
  • Make strips with the text of the adhaan and cut out. Student must put them in order. 
  • Make a worksheet with certain words of the adhaan missing
  • Memorization of the adhaan and iqamah; learn what each word means
  • Practice calling the adhaan. Maybe at prayer times in the house/class if you don’t hear the adhaan where you live.  Have a student be the muadhdhin of the day.
  • Not sure if this is playing with it too much, but you could have one student say the first line of the adhaan, the next student says the next, and so on. 
  • Learn about Bilal, the first muadhdhin, have students write a mini biography about him or write a book report about an article or mini  book about him.
  • Make a lapbook and include the text in Arabic and English and other key facts associated with the adhaan,  including the supplications made after them.  You might use my earlier resources to start off……….
  • Make a public service announcement ad about the adhaan
  • Learn about minarets; do a related craft, maybe make a diorama or clay minaret display; draw a picture of a masjid with a minaret; minaret coloring page. 
  • Write a magazine article or newspaper article about the adhaan.
  • Incorporate learning about the sense of hearing
  • Current events (you knew this was coming?) read about the recent (Sept 2011) banning of minarets in Switzerland.

The Adhaan

Rulings on the Response to the Adhaan
Prepared by Dr. Saleh As Saleh (rahimuhullah)


Adhaan Learning Poster (from my old TJ Wordpress blog)
(pack that includes etiquette for when the adhaan is called)

Athaan Poster 1

athaan poster

Athaan Poster 2

athaan poster

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