Salaah Bulletin Board

Make a Salaah bulletin board to teach and remind about the salaah

Our Salaat Center

Resources for Salaah Board:

Duaa booklets, Salaat Center (aka salaah bulletin board)

  • My very first post on the subject of the Salaat bulletin board, this link includes many printables.

 More Salaah Board Stuff

  • Over again at the TJ blog, more printables that would be great for your board

Salaat Bulletin Board Addition

  • Still more stuff I came up with to add to the board

After Salaat Adhkaar Reminders

  • and more………

Prayer Milestones

  • and these……

Sample Salaah boards around the ‘net

Islamic Bulletin Boards – Salaah bulletin boards

  • View other versions of Salaah boards from sisters around the net as well as other resources for your board that my bud, Umm Abdul Basir and I put together.

Umm Abdul Basir’s Blog

  • Check out the beautiful Salaah board from my bud, Umm Abdul Basir. She adds her custom made borders to her version to give a nice finish!
salaat board

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