Sadaqah Lesson Outline


I. What is Sadaqa?

a. The word Sadaqa comes from the word Sidq (the truth)
b. Every act of goodness is Sadaqa (Muslim #2197)

II. What types of things are Sadaqa?

a. Dates (Muslim #2211, 2215)
b. Good words (Muslim #2218)
c. Small things (Muslim #2247)
d. Money, clothes, food—Muslim #2219 (could make this hadith a reading story??)

III. Why should we give Sadaqa?

a. Rewards (e.g. 57:18); compete in giving sadaqa: 5:48),
b. We are encourage to give sadaqa: Muslim 2174, could make this hadith a reading story??); 2178 (encouraged to give sadaqa)
c. He who spends, he who withhold (reward vs. penalty, Muslim #2205-2210)
d. Protection from hellfire (Muslim #2215)

IV. To whom should we give Sadaqa to?

a. family (Muslim #2180-2182; 2183, 2185-2195)
b. to the poor (3:273, 9:60, Muslim #2261)
c. even to those who are undeserving (Muslim #2230)

V. When should we give sadaqa?

a. Anytime
b. Zakatul(sadaqa) Fitr must be given at a certain time(Muslim #2159)
c. In good times and in bad times (Muslim #2250)

VI. How should we give sadaqa?

a. Cheerfully (Muslim 2330)
b. Without causing damage to ourselves, our family
c. Without reminders or insult or injury (2:264)
d. Concealing (not showing off) 2:270, 2:274
e. give two of a thing (Muslim #2239)

VII. How should we receive sadaqa?(4:149)

VIII. Ideas for activities:

 List, draw some acts of sadaqah; make a poster or use Good Deeds and Sadaqah Poster
 Good deed record keeper/chart/daily diary
 Coloring pages
 Word search
 Fill in the blanks
 Poster of why we should give sadaqa
 Make a sadaqa jar/box/area at home
 Help out in the community (masjid)
 Design a and implement a community service program or service opportunity