Quraan Bulletin Board: Educate, Stimulate, Decorate!

Make a Quraan bulletin board to chart your progress and display reference/learning material!

Some things you might want to put on your board:
  • List of all surah names
  • Progress trackers
  • Poster representing current surah working on; its Arabic text, meaning, etc.
  • Reminders about Quraan etiquette (reciting, handling, etc)
  • Background information on the Quraan
  • Quotes as to its virtues and purpose

Pick up some goodies for your Quraan board from Islamic Bulletin Boards:

Quraan Quote Accents

Surah Name Cards

Quraan Borders

Have you done a Quraan bulletin board/learning center?

Leave a link in the comments section to share your board with other TJ visitors!

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