Independent Quraan Period Activities

  • Listen to Quraan on tape, CD, etc.
  • Use computer software (Juz30, ‘Alim, Arabic Playhouse, Vocabulary Master, etc)
  • Copy surahs or ayaat in Arabic/English. (or for smaller children, words). For Quraanic copywork, see TJ's Quraan by the Surah pages or
  • Help younger sibling(s) practice reciting
  • Review known surahs (recite or read); review vocabulary, content

Some ways to review (content):

  • When initially reading tafsir, make up study questions and during this time go back and review (answer) those questions. See Talibiddeen Jr;’s Surah Study Guide templates for a Q/A blank form
  • Use a quiz program (software) and enter questions and then review during this time
  • Make games using Quraan subject matter that children can play during Quraan period: bang, bingo, climbing ladder game, speed contest, homemade board games, hopscotch, name that surah, Sameer says, tic tac toe, memory/matching games, hang “man” (use flower or image of something without a soul)
  • Read/listen to Tafsir
  • Complete simple writing assignment based upon current or past surahs (answer comprehension questions, write an essay, etc).
For printables for reviewing quraan (what you've memorized), see TJ's Quraan Progress Charts and Quraan Certificates sections.

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