Daily Grooming/Personal Hygiene

A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Grooming Habitsimage
The process of teaching your child proper grooming habits starts right after they are born and will continue for many years. Although a baby might not understand the purpose of a bath or the brushing of their hair you as a parent are setting up what will ultimately be a lifetime lesson of taking care of their bodies. Teaching your child proper grooming habits is a long and often difficult process although it does not have to be. You need to be committed and willing to help your child every step of the way. The amount of time spent helping to teach your child about proper grooming will depend on several key things that include the child’s age, skill level and interest.
How to Use Montessori Methods to Teach Grooming
Montessori teaching methods are based around the idea that children learn best when they have control over what and how they learn. This creates an exploratory environment that enables students to learn in a variety of ways that will prepare them for later lives of independence and creativity. In Montessori preschools and elementary schools, children not only learn letters and numbers, but also "practical life" lessons that teach them to groom themselves, keep their living and working areas clean and to contribute to household chores. Even if your child is not enrolled in a Montessori school, you can use Montessori methods to instill a sense of responsibility for proper grooming habits in your little one.