Bra Unit Study Resources


 Bra Unit Study Outline

(to plan a bra unit study or lapbook)

  • Development of Breasts, how your body changes
    • Essay or diagram on development of the breast
    • Breast Development mini book (Homeschool Share)
  • History of the Bra/Bra facts
    • enumerate facts that show major points in history regarding the bra
  • Physics of Bras
  • Bra Styles/Parts of a Bra
  • Choosing a Bra (style, size/taking measurements)
    • Tips for choosing a bra(enumerate tips for choosing a bra in a mini book)
      • How to Find Your Size – Read the article, copy the graphic on the page, print and cut out. Measure yourself as directed and write in your measurements on the diagram. Place diagram  in your lapbook for reference. On the head of the diagram, write in your bra size
    • Go to store and select your first bra/a new bra (essay: Why did you select the bra you did? Write about the experience in a journal)
  • Laundering and Care of a Bra
    • Make a reminder chart for bra care tips
  • Bra Issues (societal, health concerns)
    • Can Wearing Bras Cause Cancer?


Bra Worksheet 1 (TJ)
Read linked article and answer questions. Questions can be put in shape books and answered to go into lapbook/notebook.